Rabu, 03 Januari 2018

whats going on in here entry


So much have changed since my last entry. Let me just summarize, what actually happened since January 2015.

i had my yudisium as arranged in February. i wore my very first Minaz mini kurung called Sophea kurung. I still have it in my wardrobe. Dont i look happy ? and skinny? how la did i get so kurus?

So i went back to my homeland for good. I had 4 months break before i started housemanship in June 2015. i learned to bake the hummingbird cake and belgium chocolate cake with Lea Oven. i even learned how to pipe flowers. Although i still couldnt make pretty roses. later, i made hummingbird cakes myself for few times and they were so delicious. the most delicious cake ive ever tasted. thank you cake lea for the lessons. i did tried to sign up class with kak yani, but she couldnt even reply my texts. i wanted to learn how to make butterscotch cake initially, but kak lea doesnt teach butterscotch cake. but later i understood why hummingbird became so famous. 

oh oh and i even made a barbie doll cake i planned to make so much. it was such a hard work cuz barbie doll is so tall, i had to make a really tall skirt.

I started my housemanship in Hosp Segamat. obviously not my choice of town, but thats where life had destined me to do my training to be a medical officer.  i had my ups and downs there where i learned alot from specialists and MOs. Met lots of beautiful people. 

i bled too. i bled alot. there are things i wish never happened, people i wish i never met. it broke me once again. only that it still hurts. Takes forever to mend. 

 Btw, This is my jazz trooper. Its a 'he'. I had him after 3 months of working. My first choice was a honda city, but i guess this hottie suits me more. Isnt it s0000 me?

get to be a pretty bridesmaid....

i gained friendship and lost some...

hipstur cafe hunting....

 more family time....

finished my housemanship training (read: a free bird)...

the present.....a happy me
and to think that this blog used to be named the series of unfortunate event, i guess im pretty happy with current ending.

Kamis, 15 Januari 2015


Assalamualaikum wbkt..

Hello there! How's everyone doing? I am so excited to go back home. I mean it! BFG uolls!!! I have done collecting all signatures from every dept and submitted my documents for Yudisium last week. As i wait for the yudisium, campus decided that we can join the oath ceremony on 4th Feb. I hope everything goes well since that it's a last minute decision. I don't mind if we have to do the oath in April,, as long as it is before our internship starts. But hey, mom have been insisting that I have the oath as early possible.  

I've shipped my stuff back home too. It costed 490k all five boxes. I had one box for my plushies and pillows only. But i had to let go of my Wisuda bouquets, too bad. I gave all of the unwanted stuff to mba. I hope that all of that five boxes fit in my room at home. 

So about where i'd do my internship at? I have been considering Seremban for such a long time until someone said that it's not far enough from Selangor, that it might effect my MO placement. So now i'm considering Malacca and Muar. Unfortunately, the feed back i've been waiting from friends are not so good. HO friends are very busy people. You have to wait the whole day for them to reply. I might have to make up my mind soon. I've downloaded the form for intership placement and can't wait to get started on the registration. 

But first i've baking class to go to. I've contacted Kak Yani from the kitchen guardian but it takes time for her to confirm the class since she's a very busy woman, i don't blame her. I've bought more tips, buttercream flower nails, fondant and gumpaste basic tools. I've got more cake recipes from you tube. Can't wait to get started! Owh and i'd be needing a barbie doll to make that barbie cake or Alice in wonderland cake. So i'm gonna go find the cheapest doll for it.

Sooo, i will update more since i'll be having alot of free time this holiday before my internship starts. See you soon <3 font="">

Sabtu, 15 November 2014

Last cycle in Indonesia

Salam, hi there! How is everyone and everything?? (double question marks for the 2 in 1 question). I am currently in my last cycle before yudisium, hippocratic oath and then back for good. This last cycle is Obstetric and Gynaecology, i mostly have to assist normal birth delivery and assist sectio caesarea. Involving lots and lots of blood. It makes me sick to have to see blood everyday, flowing uncontrollably besides having a distinctive smell. 

I hope i get out of this cycle without being traumatic to normal delivery. Because it looks sickeningly horrified and painful. True to that its better if you have a wide sets of bottom, wider vagina makes it easy for the baby to come out. Even sectio caesarea seems like a better way to deliver babies.

I cried when i saw the first delivery. I was imagining how it was when mom delivered me to this world. Must have been that painful too. Huh i miss mom :')

Btw, i dont remember mentioning my passion for baking to you. So as soon as i get back to Malaysia, I'll book a class with The Kitchen Guardian. I can't wait to bake again, to wake up in the morning and heat the oven up. Whisk and whisk, mix and mix, pour and smell the nice aroma of cakes as it domed up in the oven. This time i wanna get new tips for the leaves and hydrangea petals buttercream. I wanna be so good at decorating. I wanna start making fondant wedding cake with gumpaste peonies.

I just cant wait for the first order to come up. Well for now it's not about business, its more about people appreciating your cakes. You know your cake is good when people keep asking for it. I had that feeling once, i want it more. It felt great.

Sooo, did you know i already get my outfit ready for the hippocratic oath ceremony. It's emerald green. Green is soooo innn now. Goodbye pastels. I do hope lighting doesn't turn it black. But before that i have alot of documents to settle. Hope i'll be in time for it. Couldn't imagine oath without any other Malaysian friend with. It's like, why bother dress or show up. 

Hoping everything goes well,

Updates: Batch mates had their oath ceremony this week, some already got placement result. I have much to catch up with.

Sabtu, 01 Maret 2014

Blogspot and me

Assalamualaikum wbkt,

Alot has been going on since world war II, the last time i wrote in here. It's not really because of time lacking. It's because blogspot unlike many other social applications doesn't take much effort to upgrade itself, to illustrate, put up notification system for comments and what not. The biggest reason is notification. Email notification ain't helping blogspot. I only check my emails when people email me documents..really important documents. I wish blogspot can be more aware of this shortcomes. Because honestly i do love writing in here. 

But since it's became so deserted, i guess i can write whatever i want and no one who knows me will look forward to read. Checking the blog traffic, it came from all over the world and look for entries like transformers, drugs (medical stuff, not like i'm an addict or something) etc. My good friends and i are on twitter and instagram now. Some people have gone to PATH and KEEK. Facebook? well i go there once in a while to observe, like and comment. There is where everyone in your extended families are. No hanky panky allowed. Love notes? Rants? HELL NO, not anymore. 

The conclusion is nobody write in blogs anymore, except for Fatin Liyana the famous blogger. People read her blog because she's so damn pretty and she's a rich girl (travels alot) who took up medicine. That made it exciting. I'd like to read Dr.Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor's blog for motivation if he had one.

So back to a lil update about me. I'm in my final year in Jakarta. At the end of this year I'll be going back to my home country for good. I still have 5 more cycles to go. I really hope that everything will go well. InsyaAllah. Few days ago i read the story of the unfortunate life i had when i was in the theory years. How i struts and frets. But my life has improved alot since i graduated in 2012. I'm much happier now. Alhamdulillah. Free from depression.

That's all for now, I hope that Allah always ease my journey ahead..amin.

Selasa, 06 Agustus 2013

It's 7 in the morning. Today is my flight back home. Yeay I'm going home for raya. Today is also the last day of ramadhan. My flight is at 1 o'clock, gee that late. Can't wait to eat everything.

Senin, 08 April 2013

forensic dept

Salam, today is the first day in the second  week of in forensic dept. I'm goin home next week yeay but first we'll have to go thru exam first. I' m soooo nervous. Sheesh i think i' m gaining weight, hv been eating alot since i came back to jakarta. How am i suppose to look good in my new peplums. This eating habbits have got to stop. So will have to study for tomorrow's exam.

Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013

Oncall Uniform

That's me in my oncall uniform, it's blue and supersized. Gelebeh iolls put on. So this weekend iolls balik Jakarta and purchase another 2 smaller size tapi lengan pendek je available. So kene pakai dengan sarung tanganlah. I was in the RUKO, short for ruang koas. Sangat cantik ruko Bogor uolls have got to check it out, mcm bilik hotel yang ade 2 decker beds and a personal toilet and of course ade air conditioner, so kalau balik poli awal, i get to bunk into bed dan tido tak sedar diri. Gila awesome~! 

shoulders to cry on